The Shilla Seoul Guerlain Spa

Seoul Shilla Hotel Guerlain Spa, a romantic ‘I Love Couple Package’ for just two people

From February 1st to March 31st, the Shilla Seoul Guerlain Spa will present the ‘I Love Package’ for couples looking for a sweet and comfortable break.

Guerlain Spa’s I Love Couple Package offers a special discount when couples (2 people) use Guerlain’s representative program, Senior Guerlain (120 minutes) treatment together, with special discounts and luxury chocolates (6 pieces) from the 킹안마 flagship bakery and pastry boutique. present The chocolate box consists of chocolates of different flavors and shapes, so you can enjoy them in a variety of ways. In addition, Guerlain Spa starts with the ‘Fragrance Coordination’ service where you can choose a fragrance you want and spray into the room according to the mood of the day with your loved one, and spend a romantic time with the foot spa service that you can enjoy leisurely while looking at Namsan Mountain. have.

Guerlain Spa launches ‘Body Lift’ for a resilient and slim body

The Shilla Hotel’s Guerlain Spa announced on the 31st that it will launch a body slimming treatment, ‘Body Lift’, which helps to maintain skin elasticity and the entire body line at the same time in June.

The new “Body Lift” to be introduced relaxes muscles and balances the body silhouette through Guerlain Spa’s unique technical technique. Here, the massage technique of Body Lift promotes cell regeneration to manage muscles and skin elastically, and promotes metabolism to give immediate effects to the skin and silhouette in a short period of time. The slimming treatment consists of 90-minute and 120-minute treatments, including overall body anti-aging care and back line care.

Guerlain Spa launches ‘Body Lift’ for a resilient and slim body

Meanwhile, this treatment can be experienced at Guerlain Spas in Seoul and Jeju, and you can inquire at each branch.

Guerlain Spa 역삼 에이스 Special Offer

Guerlain Spa in the Shilla Hotel is running a special promotion for fall from August.

◇At the Shilla Seoul Guerlain Spa 역삼 에이스, two mini candles of Diptyque, a representative French niche perfume brand, are presented when purchasing 10 treatment tickets.

It consists of a system in which a professional beauty consultant understands the lifestyle of customers, diagnoses appropriate therapy, nutrition, and self-skin care, and is responsible for prescribing home care after diagnosis.

The Shilla Seoul unveils a variety of vacation packages from kids pool to Guerlain Spa

The Shilla Seoul announced on the 6th that it will introduce a holiday package to welcome the month of the family.

The Shilla Seoul launched the ‘Urban Family’ package in May where the whole family can enjoy a room, breakfast buffet, and outdoor heated pool.

In Urban Island, ‘Kids Pool Cinema’ starts in May. The first screening of ‘Kids Pool Cinema’ in May is the British animation that both children and adults can enjoy. have.

The Shilla Seoul 런베스트오피 will additionally present the ‘Kids Eco Bag’, which is produced and introduced for the first time by The Shilla Hotel, to children who use the ‘Urban Family’ package on weekdays. The ‘Kids Eco Bag’, which was launched following the ‘Shilla Eco Bag’, which caused a ‘sold out crisis’, is designed to be worn on both shoulders of children for convenience.

The ‘Urban Family’ package is based on 2 adults and 1 child, △ 1 night in a room (you can choose from Business Deluxe Room, Grand Corner Deluxe Room, or Superior Suite), △ The Park View Breakfast Buffet △ Urban Island All-Day Admission Benefits △Gym and indoor swimming pool benefits are provided, and one additional ‘Shilla Kids Eco Bag’ will be given to customers who check-in from May 6th to 31st, Sunday-Friday. Also, when staying in the Grand Corner Deluxe Room or Superior Suite, you can receive a kids tent through the Room Reservation Department.

5 Seoul Healing Spa Shops to Revitalize the Extreme Life of Office Workers

For office workers who sit and work every day, there is nothing more healing than a spa. Even if I think I’m fine today, let’s listen. My body has changed 180 degrees when I walk out of the spa to the extent that I feel like, ‘I’ve lived in this state of my life until now?’ From the cheapest to the most expensive spas.

Guerlain Spa

5 Seoul Healing Spa Shops to Revitalize the Extreme Life of Office Workers-2

Don’t be scared just because you’re at the Shilla Hotel. If you want to make our body high-quality, visit us. Compared to other high-end spa shops, there is not much difference in price. Therefore, a spa shop that should be challenged even more. It is reliable as it is a spa shop visited by many spa maniacs. Guerlain Spa offers consultations that make you feel like you are receiving a medical examination. That means that I can pick up where I am uncomfortable and release it. A professional 안마 therapist will identify your needs and recommend the most appropriate course. What is special about Guerlain Spa is the individual or group foot spa time for 15 minutes before every treatment course. If you’ve been to the Shilla Hotel for a vacation with your friends, let’s stop by the spa.

Shall we quench our ‘thirst in Southeast Asia travel’ at the hotel spa?

Asrai the sound of the scenery, soft music flows. A neatly arranged bed is placed under moderately dim lighting. When you lie down on it, the fatigue accumulated on your shoulders and the stress that made your face swell are goodbye. Youngji Lee (pseudonym, 38), an office worker, is a massage maniac. For about an hour or two, I can’t stop getting a massage because of the serenity of being in a different world for a while. “I went on a trip to Bali, Indonesia when I was in my twenties, and I didn’t think much of it because everyone said they had to get a massage 오피사이트, but my fatigue melted away in an instant and I fell in love with it,” he said.
Now that he has not been able to travel for over a year, he is soothing his regrets at a domestic spa shop. In the meantime, I have recently started to turn my attention to hotel spas. “In the meantime, I thought hotel spas were ‘extraordinary,’ but surprisingly, there are programs with similar prices to road shops run by cosmetic brands,” he said. In fact, the price range of spa programs operated by popular cosmetic brands such as Lush and Aesop is between 90,000 and 200,000 won. Hotel spas also have an introductory program in the range of 100,000 to 200,000 won. Of course, there are many luxurious programs that take care of you from head to toe.

According to industry insiders, these days, when overseas travel becomes difficult, more and more people enjoy hotel spas beyond “hocance” (a vacation enjoyed at a hotel). Travelers who enjoyed spas after traveling to Southeast Asia are turning to domestic hotel spas. Since the space where you receive the spa is a hotel, it is a bonus to enjoy the feeling of being on a trip.
It was confirmed that Banyan Tree Seoul Club and Spa in Jangchung-dong, Seoul increased the number of spa customers by about 20% compared to January to May last year, and sales of relatively expensive spa packages also increased by nearly 80%. The spa at the Conrad Hotel in Yeouido, Seoul is so popular these days that reservations are all closed in the morning, even on weekdays. Corona retaliatory consumption appears to be due to the influence of the For me (those who invest and consume generously for me). In order to captivate them, hotels are also vying for a variety of spa products at reasonable prices.