겔랑 스파 마사지(Healing Spa Shops)

5 Seoul Healing Spa Shops to Revitalize the Extreme Life of Office Workers

5 Seoul Healing Spa Shops to Revitalize the Extreme Life of Office Workers

For office workers who sit and work every day, there is nothing more healing than a spa. Even if I think I’m fine today, let’s listen. My body has changed 180 degrees when I walk out of the spa to the extent that I feel like, ‘I’ve lived in this state of my life until now?’ From the cheapest to the most expensive spas.

Guerlain Spa

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Don’t be scared just because you’re at the Shilla Hotel. If you want to make our body high-quality, visit us. Compared to other high-end spa shops, there is not much difference in price. Therefore, a spa shop that should be challenged even more. It is reliable as it is a spa shop visited by many spa maniacs. Guerlain Spa offers consultations that make you feel like you are receiving a medical examination. That means that I can pick up where I am uncomfortable and release it. A professional 안마 therapist will identify your needs and recommend the most appropriate course. What is special about Guerlain Spa is the individual or group foot spa time for 15 minutes before every treatment course. If you’ve been to the Shilla Hotel for a vacation with your friends, let’s stop by the spa.

Recommended course

Body treatmentㅣMassage is said to be the taste of the hands. Guerlain’s spa with strong hand taste is recommended for those who want to relieve tight muscles. There are three programs for body treatment, which are divided according to the strength of the pressure. The first Guerlain Touch is the deepest touch and helps to relax stiff muscles, and Stress Relief, as the name suggests, slowly and gently soothes muscles that may have been tense due to stress, and helps lymph circulation to clear clogged blood. The last imperial is a moderate pressure point with a medium touch. You can receive it according to your current condition among the three. For office workers who sit for a long time, a stress relief course is recommended for smooth blood circulation.

Address 3F, Shilla Hotel Main Building, 249 Dongho-ro, Jung-gu Price 198,000 won~


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Even in Rush, where only ENFPs gather, there is a spa shop where introverts can heal without worrying. As you can see from the service at the existing Lush store, emotional therapy is prepared that touches the inside to the inside according to the individual’s psychological state. There are 10 treatments, all with different themes and sensibility. Inside the store, sounds of living nature, such as chirping birds and flowing streams, recorded in each region of England come out. Inner therapy that can heal the ears as well. From scalp hair treatments to foot massages, scrubs, aroma treatments and side massages. If a full body spa is too much for you, try a scalp massage first.

Recommended course

The Spellㅣ130,000 won 60 minutes course. You can prevent stress loss by simply massaging your scalp and feet frequently. However, modern people do not have the time and there is very little information on how to properly self-massage. So, the tired scalp and foot massage course prepared by Rush. After enjoying a foot bath using a special bath balm that can only be experienced at Lush Spa, gently remove old dead skin cells with a scrub. During this process, the feet and scalp are relaxed and the circulation of the body is aided. After the course, tea made with lemon and mint is served.
The Good Hour ㅣ 200,000 won 60 minutes course. Deep tissue massage is performed on all muscles except the face. It is a course that focuses on the desired area through consulting with a therapist by touching the muscles and fascia that are connected to the human body like a net. Use Lush’s massage bar and shower jelly. This course has a unique theme as if you were lying on a boat and sailing. The treatment room is illuminated with blue sea lights and chanting. You will receive a massage with the sound of waves and seagulls recorded by yourself. After the treatment, tea with rum, the favorite of seafarers, is served. You may feel like a sailor after a good voyage.

Address 868 Eonju-ro, Gangnam-gu (Apgujeong branch), 2nd floor, 10 Hoenamu-ro 42-gil, Yongsan-gu (Gyeongnidan-gil branch) Price 70,000 won~

AesopSounds Hannam Facial Appointment

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Aesop’s ninth signature store located in Hannam-dong, SOUNDS Hannam. This is the first facial shop Aesop introduced in Korea. Red wood tones and light interiors make you feel comfortable. Before proceeding with treatment, the therapist in charge conducts consultations for appropriate customized care based on the purpose of receiving the treatment and skin concerns. It is recommended that you receive meticulous skin care that you cannot do at home every 4 to 6 weeks. Facial courses are offered in 60-minute and 75-minute lengths.

Recommended course

Detox Anew ㅣ Office workers who are busy lying down after work have nothing to do with cleansing. After squeezing the foam cleanser, wash it off, and roughly put the moisturizing cream on your face. This is a detox program for those who overworked my skin with such a routine. A treatment that restores stability to the skin through meticulous cleansing. Waste products accumulated from stress tend to result in uneven skin texture and less luster. If you are looking for a soft skin texture, this is the perfect place for you.

Address 35, Daesangwan-ro, Yongsan-gu, 1st floor Price 135,000 won (60 minutes)~

Cheongsudang Spa

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It’s rare to get a spa treatment in a bamboo forest in the heart of the city. Even the space washes away the strain on the eyes. You can start lightly with welcome tea and a foot bath, and after a 60-minute massage, you can finish with a half-body bath in the last cypress bath. Dessert is served after shower. In Cheongsudang, Ikseon-dong, you can find not only spas, but also cafes and restaurants. When your body is relaxed, your stomach will be filled with it, and your happiness will be doubled!

Recommended course

Balancing CourseㅣCheongsudang has a total of 4 categories of treatments. Body, balancing, focusing, facial. Among them, balancing, a course that covers the entire body from the face, at the most reasonable price, is highly satisfactory. You can also enjoy Cheongsudang Spa’s unique service called Cypress Bath. There are four balancing courses from Signature 14 to 25. From full body dry massage to oil massage to muscle massage. Each course has different types of massages that you would like to receive intensively, so it is better to choose the type of course that suits you. Among them, Signature 17 has a technique that emphasizes the connection that never leaves the hand from the moment you start the massage until the end, so you want to try it even if you are curious.

Address 31-19 Donhwamun-ro 11na-gil, Jongno-gu Price 190,000 won~

Maison La Prairie

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A brand that started as a clinic can be trusted. La Prairie is a brand that has grown from its own skin healing technology. So, the raw materials used in La Prairie are filled with only rare things such as platinum, caviar, and gold. Highly recommended if you like luxury skincare or hotel spas. Surprisingly, if you purchase La Prairie products for a certain amount or more, you can receive spa services for free.

Recommended course

Skin CaviarㅣThe ultimate king of facial treatment. The face, neck, shoulders, arms, and hands are massaged to remove accumulated waste. The complexion of the skin changes immediately, and the skin texture can be maintained even after a few days after treatment. That’s how much you care. Before treatment, the condition is checked with a therapist and then proceeded accordingly. At the end of the massage, the products used during the massage are displayed, and even this service is meticulously considered. Lying on the finest electric bed in Italy and receiving a massage, your worries will disappear like snow. I put caviar on my body, so that day my body is more expensive than gold.

Address 3F, 18 Apgujeong-ro 60-gil, Gangnam-gu, price undecided